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CURIS Anti-Cancer Product Range

Abiraterone Acetate Tablets250mgBottle container of 60'sProstate Cancer
Abiraterone Acetate Tablets250mgBottle container of 120'sProstate Cancer
Aprepitant Kit Cap125mg 1 unit, 80mg 2 unitAnti-Emitic
Anastrozole Tablets1mgStrip of 10'sBreast Cancer
Bicalutamide Tablets50mgStrip of 10'sProstate Cancer
Capecitabine Tablets500mgStrip of 10'sBreast/ Colorectal Cancer
Chlorambucil Tablets2mg/5mgBottle container of 30'sLymphoma
Cyclophosphamide Tablets50mgStrip of 10'sLymphatic Cancer
Erlotinib Tablets100mg/150mgStrip of 10'sLung cancer
Everolimus Tablets5mg/10mgStrip of 10'sRCC, Breast cancer
Etoposide Cap50mgBottle container of 8'sLung cancer
Gefitinib Tablets250mgStrip of 10'sEGFR mutated Lung Cancer
Hydroxyurea Cap500mgStrip of 10'sChronic Myelogenus Leukemia
Imatinib Mesylate Tablets100mg/400mgStrip of 10'sChronic Myelogenus Leukemia
Lenalidomide Cap5mg/10mg/25mgStrip of 10'sMultiple Myeloma
Letrozole Tablets2.5mgStrip of 10'sBreast Cancer
Methotrexate Tablets2.5mg/5mg/10mgStrip of 10'sALL/Breast Cancer/GTD/Lung Cancer
Mercaptopurine Tablets50mgStrip of 10'sALL, CML & Others
Melphalan Tablets2mg/5mgBottle Container of 25'sBreast/Ovarian/Multiple Myeloma
Busulfan Tablets2mgBottle Container of 25'sCML, AML
Thalidomide Cap50mg/100mgStrip of 10'sMM & Others
Temozolamide Cap20mg/100mg/250mgBottle Container of 5'sGBM & Others
Azacitidine Injection100mg1 vialMDS & Others
Bleomycin Injection Lyophilized 15 IU1 vialHodgkins & Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Bendamustine HCL Injection100mg1 vialLymphoma & others
Bortezomib Inj Lyophilized Powder2mg/3.5mg1 vialMultiple Myeloma
Busulfan Injection60mg1 vialBone Marrow Transplant
Carboplatin Injection lyophilized150mg/450mg1 vialBreast/Lung/ Ovarian/Bladder
Cabazitaxel Injection60mg1 vialm-CRPC
Carmustine Injection100mg1 vialBrain, Lymphome, MM
Cisplatin injection 10mg/10ml, 50mg/50ml1 vialLung/Head &Neck/Ovarian/Cervical
Cytarabine Injection100mg/500mg/1gm1 vialAcute myelogenus Leukemia
Dacarbazine Injection200mg/1gm/1.4gm1 vialHodgkins Lymphoma, Melanoma
Docetaxel trihydrate Injection20mg/80mg/120mg1 vialNSCLC/ Breast/ Prostate Cancer
Doxorubicin HCl Inj Lyophilized Powder10mg/50mg1 vialWilms Tumor/Bone Cancer/ALL/AML
Epirubicin HCL inj Lyophilized Powder10mg/50mg/100mg1 vialBreast Cancer
Etoposide Injection100mg/5ml1 vialSCLC/Testicular
Fulvestrant Injection250mg/5ml1 vialBreast Cancer
5-Fluorouracil Injection250mg/500mg1 AmpBreast / Colorectal /Ovarian cancer
Gemicitabine Injection200mg/1gm/1.4gm1 vialBreast/Pancreatic/Lung/Ovarian Cancer
Granisteron HCl Injection3mg/30ml1 vialAnti-Emitic
L-Asparaginase Inj lyophilised5000IU/10000IU1 vialAcute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Leucovorin Calcium Injection15mg/2ml, 50mg/5ml5 Ampoules, 1 VialLeucovorin Rescue
Leuprolide acetate (Depot) Injection11.25mg1 vial Prostate Cancer
Melphalan Inj Lyophilized Powder50mg1 vialBone Marrow Transplant
Methotrexate Injection15mg/50mg/500mg/1gm1 vialALL/Breast Cancer/GTD/Lung Cancer
Oxiplatin Inj Lyophilized Powder50mg/100mg1 vialColorectal Cancer
Paclitaxel Injection30mg/100mg/ 260mg/300mg1 vialBreast/NSCLC/Ovarian Cancer
Pemetrexed Sodium Inj Lyophilized Powder100mg/500mg1 vialNon-Squamous Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
Vinrolbine Injection50mg1 vialLung/Breast Cancer
Vincristine sulphate Injection1mg/1ml1 vialNHL/HL/Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Vinblastine sulphate Injection10mg/10ml1 vialCLL/Hodgkins & Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Pemetrexed Injection500mg1 vialLung cancer
Temozolamide Injection100mg1 vialGBM & Others
Zoledronic acid Inj Lyophilized Powder4mg1 vialBreast/Bone/Multiple Myeloma