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By going with the export vision of CURIS, a dedicated export regulatory team has been set up for complying with the international audits and providing complete export documentation including COPP and dossier preparations as per CTD, ACTD, eCTD format. Our main aim remains on multiplying our business in growing markets by offering a whole range of Oncology and Critical care products.


In a span of 2 years, CURIS has built a decent presence in supplying high quality branded as well as generic formulations to Africa, Latin Amercia, South East Asis, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and many more and we endeavour to become world class pharmaceutical manufacturer for India & neighbouring countries and to assist in the development of quality products by providing superior quality with high class products in the right budget.


Offering world class facilities & expertise and an unwavering focus on service & quality, CURIS is uniquely positioned to serve as the pharmaceutical hub for all the solutions.